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DEA arrests Northside chiropractor during raid


Federal agents raided a Northside chiropractic office Monday afternoon and arrested a guy operating a chiropractic office in connection with alleged illegal dispensing of medicine.

Dr. Pynkerton Dion Newton is accused Lida Daidaihua Original of prescribing the weight loss pill "Phentermine" without a federal license.

Agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency walked Newton out of his office in handcuffs, and the silver Honda Element was towed in the scene.

Newton operates Pynkerton Chiropractic at 2102 East 52nd Street.

Phentermine is a schedule IV controlled substance.

Newton had no license from Indiana or the DEA, Fox59 reported other sources as saying.

A "confidential source" claimed he was required to see Newton every fourteen days for any weight loss consultation. Court documents reveal that the confidential source was required to pay $85 each visit and it was given Phentermine in paper envelopes.

On Nov. 13, DEA agents met with Newton at his office. The agents explained that the investigation was being conducted against him. Newton said that the Phentermine remained in the office with a previous medical director.

"It was my first day, I worked only five hours and 6 minutes before my lunch time the DEA, and also the cops are here,' said Kimberly Coffey, a Pynkerton Chiropractic employee.

Coffey says it was a memorable first day's work, but for all the wrong reasons.

"We were scared and that we just sat there and lastly they let's go," said Coffey.

Eventually, she watched as her boss was escorted in the business in handcuffs.

Former employees say they saw next.

"It doesn't be a surprise because my last check bounced. That informs me he's not running a good business," said Millissa Talley.

Several patients might be seen arriving for his or her appointments, because the Northside office was being raided.

"I walked inside and that i couldn't accept is as true," said patient Sherice Smith.

Phentermine is a common slimming pill.

"It is really a stimulant, which is why its a Japan Hokkaido Slimming Pills regulated substance," said Emily Pentland, Sure Success Weight reduction.

Pentland says when Phentermine is used properly, it will help people lose weight. However, if patients go unmonitored, the medication has the ability to be abused.

"It could accelerate your heartbeat, it might give you the jitters, it offers a superior a lift of one's plus some patients go illegally to get that top," said Pentland.


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