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Jennifer Birkhead, from Vivid Physical fitness


Around we all like going shopping for a pretty spring dress (with some great heels to complement), looking great for that spring racing season comes down to more than your fashion choices . . . so today's M+B dress-to-impress workout will ensure you look amazing.

Jennifer Birkhead, from Vivid Physical 2 Day Diet Reviews fitness, says the two regions of a ladies body which are most visible would be the arms and the legs, because the snuggly jumpers and comfy jeans we've lived in during wintertime appear.
"Dresses look great once they reveal or create shape," she says.
Ms Birkhead says creating shape and smoothing your body requires resistance training, and recommends Intense Interval training workouts if you want to reduce body fat.
"Adding fast-paced walking to any exercise routine is always great and when you can do this on soft sand by the pool you're going to get a great leg workout, particularly for the calves," she says.
"If you really want to work the legs try some sprints up the sand dunes. If you want a fun way to work on your arms, boxing can also be great."
Good nutrition goes hand-in- hand with your workout to help you look and feel great, adds Ms Birkhead.
"As an exercise professional it might appear strange that i can say that it's 70 percent what you eat and 30 percent exercise but it's true," she says.
"What you consume can determine your size but what shape you are is much more right down to what exercise you do. Looking great inside a dress is also about how exactly you carry yourself so when you are feeling fit and powerful you tend to stand taller and prouder. You need to showcase your figure, not hide it.
"Be mindful and sensible about how you approach exercise and nutrition," she adds.
"Killing yourself at the gym every single day all night on end with no recovery and inadequate nutrition will finish up using a negative impact on your health. Always undertake realistic exercise plans with realistic goals and timeframes that be a life-style, beyond the dress."
Emily Burgess, accredited practising dietitian and spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia, says the very best diet to shed weight along with exercise is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines, which is high in a multitude of fruits and vegetables, wholegrains and protein.
"This time of year everyone comes through the door asking for the latest fad or quick-fix diet to Lida Daidaihua Original look great in a dress but any diet according to restrictions is not sustainable," she says.
"Fad dieting usually means cutting out recommended food groups, which usually winds up resulting in further weight gain down the track simply because they can't be sustained. If you want to lose weight, socialize with vegetables; they are nutrient- dense and low in calories. Aim to make half your plate vegetables."


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