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She would will continue to lose 150 pounds.


In the initial few months, Durrant's low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, cholesterol dropped 37 points as she made more positive changes to her eating habits and began to invest more time during a workout session. This health change was a major landmark in preventing the heart attack that her doctor had presented like a very real threat. But Durrant wasn't done making changes.

From the very beginning, becoming Zi Xiu Tang Reviews physically strong only agreed to be as important to Durrant as losing lots of weight.

In January 2014, she designed a New Year's resolution to visit the gym every day for any year. She's stayed faithful to date.

"Even if I'm out of town I be sure to go before I leave or I rush to enter my workout before midnight," she said. "I feel unstoppable."

Durrant has exercise equipment at home that they uses as well: a punching bag, an ab lounger, weight loads, kettlebells and workout DVDs. She attempts to enter about five miles of cardio every day, as well as lower and upper body weight exercises. She has recently discovered a love for weightlifting and bench pressing.

"I am very proud of my muscles," she said. "I stare their way all the time."

Durrant's boyfriend, Joe Goshen, continues to be her biggest cheerleader. He said she's always been beautiful, but she "now includes a million different smiles, each one more beautiful than the last."

She weighs 213 pounds and is down to a size 12. Her ultimate goal is to weigh "150 pounds of muscle."

Although Durrant has changed most dramatically on the outside, she loves to acknowledge the internal changes as well.

"I am not afraid of the items people think of me. I am not scared of social situations," she said. "Basically, I am not afraid."

She said her newfound self-confidence has really helped her concentrate on the need for the smallest moment.

"When the weekend comes, I'm up with the birds and ready to get free from the home making every moment count, rather than lying in bed without any energy, watching TV and eating."

Durrant chose to create a Facebook page called "Get Down with Dani" to both inspire others and also to keep herself responsible for achieving her weight reduction goals.

"I have had the pleasure of meeting the best people who That i have ever known," she said. "They have embraced me everything of my journey and allowed me to motivate and inspire them to start their very own weight loss journeys."

Initially, Durrant said she challenged her followers to sort out together with her every single day for any month, and most 300 people joined her in accomplishing that goal.

"Now I have a challenge group with Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen thousands of women, and some good men, who're all 'Down with Dani' and excited for every new challenge that I provide them with," she said. "We have made weight reduction fun."

She said it's an amazing feeling is the one doing the inspiring and motivating, when 2 yrs ago, "all I wanted to complete was hide inside a corner and cry."

"My struggle with obesity is the thing in everyday life which i always failed at," she said. "To become a motivation at the greatest failure, that's priceless."



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