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The person who would be Paz sees challenges in 'Bleed for This' --'an underdog story, a comeback story'


The person who would be Vinny Paz is really a fast-rising star within the film world.

Miles Teller, 27, won notice for roles in "The Spectacular Now" and also the sci-fi franchise "Divergent." More recently, he's been getting spectacular reviews for "Whiplash," by which he plays a jazz drummer who must confront a perfectionist, abusive instructor, played by J.K. Simmons.

Soon he'll be on the big screen as Mr. Fantastic in a new "Fantastic Four" movie.
But in a telephone interview Friday, Teller said 3x Slimming Power playing Vinny Paz in "Bleed for This" is his most difficult role yet.
"A lot of that's the physicality of the role," Teller said. "I've had to lose 20 pounds, cut my body system fat in two, become familiar with a new accent, and learn how to act like a global champion ... since I found out about the film in March, I knew I'd need to lose weight and obtain within the best shape of my life."
Teller said he's never done any boxing -- "Just when I'm drunk with my friends" -- but he's been working in internet marketing whenever possible, whilst he's been making other movies. In Rhode Island, he's been training in the Tri-Force MMA (Mma) facility in Pawtucket.
So, can he box?
"For a movie. In real life, no. I couldn't actually enter the ring with anyone," Teller said.
Teller said he was persuaded to take the role of Vinny Paz after ending up in Ben Younger, the author and director of "Bleed with this." (He explained Martin Scorsese's involvement in the film wasn't a large element in his decision to accept role.)
"It's a true story, that we always enjoy. It's a boxing story, an underdog story, a comeback story -- one of the biggest comebacks within the good reputation for sports. It comes down to drive, and will. It's every actor's dream role," Teller said.
Teller, who bears a resemblance to a young Vinny Paz, was born in Pennsylvania and was raised in Nj and Florida.
Like Paz, Teller has been around a serious car accident. As he was 20, a car he was driving flipped over many times, leaving him with scars on his face. Within an October profile within the Ny Times, Teller said he was initially fearful the scars would hurt his career. But he was cast as a teenage driver who kills Nicole Kidman's son in the 2010 film "Rabbit Hole," and the career has been ascending since.
Teller said he met Paz just a couple 3 Day Fit days ago, although Paz had already sent Teller a DVD of his boxing highlights, called "Headstrong," to review.
"He's an excellent guy to speak to," Teller said of Paz.
And Teller wishes to seem like Paz on the screen.
"If you're playing a genuine person, I think it's important to sound like him," Teller said.



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