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'Youngsters exercising to extreme degrees to lose weight'


Young adults, both male and female, now are afflicted by "compulsive exercise" which is disrupting their family, work and dating life, based on Dr Sarah Prasad, an eating disorders specialist at St Patrick's Hospital.

"For lots of my patients, their motivation to Slim Xtreme Reviews exercise is about the drive to lose weight plus they certainly take that to extreme degrees," said Dr Prasad.

She has patients ranging in ages from 18 to 52 but says she is aware of 12- and 13-year-olds struggling with such issues.

"For example, they are able to develop very obsessional and rigid patterns around exercise meaning they might need to go to a health club for an hour every morning and after that they need to go walk a certain amount or certain distance. They may perform a yoga video then next.

"It's all driven by this fear when they don't do it, they will put on weight. Or maybe they do not stick to that very regimented exercise routine, they will then compensate in other ways," she said.

Dr Prasad said she believed the issue was equally prevalent among young girls and boys and said, as a gym-goer herself, she constantly observed young adults pushing themselves too much.

"In my day-to-day life, I'd see young boys and girls and you can observe that themselves Mass Index is extremely low," she told the Irish Independent.

"It's very evident and yet you receive these folks and my problem is these gym instructors have them doing a variety of vigorous physical activities once they ought to be saying 'we need to get unwanted weight up first'."

She added that usually young people's overtraining was a "manifestation of other activities going on for people, like anxiety or depression".

"I'm not saying this really is forever the situation. But there might be many underlying issues a person might have and they're compensating with over-exercise," she said.


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